Think of the food that you used to buy as a kid: Freddos, Space Raiders, Pick’n’Mix, cans of Tizer that were perpetually on offer at 19p a can.

Those were the days, eh? And now look at you: worrying about salt content, trying to keep the carbs down and saving the sugar for occasional treats or – ugh –cheat days.

Well, one of the major high street chains is doing their bit to bring back those glory days.

Credit: Hot UK Deals / 20th Century Fox
Credit: Hot UK Deals / 20th Century Fox

Wilko – aka Wilkinsons to those of a certain generation, i.e. anyone who can remember the time before 2012 – are offering half price Pick’n’Mix to celebrate the start of the school holidays, offering small buckets for 50p and large ones for £2.

The company announced the return of the sale after a 17-year-old asked them on Twitter.

“is your pick n mix going to be half price over the summer holidays?” they wrote, with the de rigeur hashtag #Askingforafriend (because obviously no one wants to know anything for themselves any more).

Wilko replied: “Hi the next half price offer starts on the 23rd July and ends on the 28th at he close of business.” They even added a smiley emoticon – whoever was operating the company’s social media was clearly in a good mood.

That means that, as of today, you’re in for some of the cheapest sweets around.


HotUKDeals have been advertising it for a few days now and their users have been getting themselves all in a tizz in honour of it.

“That’s me, erm, the kids happy for a while,” wrote one social media user, basically echoing my feelings on the subject. I should not be allowed within a mile of a pick and mix section for my own safety. There is no off switch.

“Always choose the sweets high up where the kids can’t get there hands in them,” said another person, clearly ignoring that the grubby hands of children are probably the least of the health issues involved in eating your own weight in sweets.

“Wilko has a strict cleaning policy with its pick n mix to be fair,” clarified another poster. “They have 3 different coloured scoops, one for the morning, one for dinner and one for the afternoon, so they are monitored throughout the day. But as always, grab the sweets from the back, that’s just sensible practice.”

Sometimes, just sometimes, you can know a little too much about the pick’n’mix policies of Wilko. Maybe a life priority change is in order.

After the summer sale, obviously.



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