Algae produces 50 per cent of the world’s oxygen and it’s an excellent carbon sink.

And it is the frontier for next-generation medicines, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, food and drink as well as plastics, fuel, industrial chemicals and animal feed.

So is algae the game-changing sustainable resource for our future?

Algae is the new blackpresented by the Deep Green Biotech Hub and the University of Technology Sydney. 9 June 2018


Peter Ralph – Professor of Marine Biology and executive director of the Climate Change Cluster (C3), University of Technology Sydney; founder of the Deep Green Biotech Hub

Nick Hazell – consultant and inventor

Dr Donna Sutherland – algae biotechnologist and fresh water scientist, Golder Associates

Dr Mark Liu – fashion designer and fashion researcher, University of Technology Sydney

Richard Adamson – co-founder and non-executive director, Young Henrys

Chair: Brooke Boney – Triple J breakfast news presenter


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