Generous customers and staff at the Aldi Logistics Centre in Swindon have pulled together to raise more than £2,350 for Teenage Cancer Trust, helping the retailer to hit its £2m milestone this month.

Employees in the Scimitar Way Centre alone have supported the charity push over the last six months by organising a Christmas and Easter raffle.

The team’s vending machine also added a two pence donation to all purchases, and colleagues sold tickets to a dog racing event which raised over £100.

After beginning the partnership to raise £5 million in January 2017 and reaching £1m at the turn of the year, the Swindon team’s fundraising efforts have enabled Aldi to hit the £2m national fundraising milestone much earlier than expected.

Aldi’s support has enabled the charity to protect and grow the services it delivers for young people with cancer.

Employee Steve Winwood is going further by cycling from London to Brighton to raise money for the cause.

This included helping to fund two nursing posts in the region.

Sarah Jago, logistics area manager at ALDI Swindon, said: “We’re proud to be part of the communities we serve.

“Our customers and colleagues are coming together to smash our fundraising targets one by one, and we’re so grateful for their support.

“We plan to make the most of the longer days throughout the summer with many more fundraising events planned as we edge closer to our £5 million target.”

This money raised by Aldi’s 775 local stores has helped to ensure there are Teenage Cancer Specialists in all local communities across the UK, and is playing a vital role in protecting and growing the services Teenage Cancer Trust provides.

Kate Collins, chief executive of Teenage Cancer Trust, said: “We’re incredibly grateful for the passionate and enthusiastic support that Aldi’s team and customers are giving to young people with cancer.

“Hitting the second million just four months after achieving the first is amazing and every pound raised makes the vital work of Teenage Cancer Trust possible.

“Right now, for every young person Teenage Cancer Trust reach, there’s another we can’t.

“This money will help us provide young people with cancer the best treatment, care and support – and ultimately ensure that no young person faces cancer alone.”

Teenage Cancer Trust delivers world-class cancer care and support to young people diagnosed with cancer aged 13 to 24.

It works in partnership with the NHS to provide highly-trained expert staff and specialist cancer units in NHS hospitals across the UK.


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