There are more problems for camera maker Red’s first smartphone, the Hydrogen One. Company founder Jim Jannard posted today that the titanium version of the phone is delayed. The aluminum version still appears to be on track for an October release date. Jannard blames supply chain issues for the delay and the fact that the company’s outside manufacturers weren’t able to create enough devices to cover all the preorders.

In the meantime, he writes that all titanium customers will receive an aluminum Hydrogen One at launch. Once the titanium is available, they’ll receive it, too, and can keep that first phone. This is nice, granted we have no idea how long it’ll take to receive that titanium phone. The device has been delayed multiple times now. It was initially supposed to ship this summer, which was then pushed to later in the summer, and is now supposed to be October for preorders and November more widely. We’ll see what happens as we get closer to the date.


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