After a brief attempt to make an internet-connected Clapper, the Astrohaus team is going back to its roots with a new distraction-free typewriter. Today, it’s introducing the follow-up to the original Freewrite: the foldable Freewrite Traveler. It’s designed to be more portable while still allowing users to type on the go and save their work to the cloud. The core idea of giving writers a place to write without the temptation of a browser or apps is the same.

The Traveler weighs 1.8 pounds compared the original’s four pounds, which can partially be attributed to a change in keyboards. The Freewrite features a full-size mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown keyswitches. The Traveler includes a thinner scissor-switch keyboard, which might be less enticing to some die-hard mechanical keyboard users, but it also had to be swapped out to make the Traveler lighter and thinner. The new device keeps the original 6-inch E Ink display, and it still charges over USB-C. Astrohaus says the Traveler battery should last for around 30 hours. It’ll cost $269 with early bird discounts on Indiegogo, and it will eventually retail for around $599. It comes in one colorway: a white interior and black exterior.

While the hardware isn’t all that different, Astrohaus is giving users more flexibility with the software. People previously couldn’t skip around a document — typos couldn’t be corrected without deleting everything written after it — but now, users can go back and correct their work. They still can’t cut and paste paragraphs, but at least they can remove annoying errors.

Like the first Freewrite, documents can be backed up to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and Postbox by Astrohaus. And if someone owns both a Freewrite and a Freewrite Traveler, they can access their work across devices.


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