Microsoft is addingPlayer Unknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG) to the company’s Xbox Game Pass subscription on November 12th. The addition means Xbox One users who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for $9.99 will now be able to accessPUBG,alongside more than 100 others.

Microsoft’s move to addPUBGto Xbox Game Pass comes just as rumors suggest the game is about to launch on Sony’s PlayStation 4 in December. Microsoft appears to have paid for a year of exclusivity on the Xbox One forPUBG, but a move to PS4 opens the game up to millions more as it continues to battle with the popularity of rivalFortnite.

Microsoft has been consistently pushing Xbox Game Pass, just as the company is exploring game streaming with its xCloud service. It’s clearly a big part of Microsoft’s future Xbox plans, and the company has committed to releasing all of its first-party titles through Xbox Game Pass. As part of thisPUBGaddition, new Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to access the service for a month for $1 during the holiday season.


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