After a week of speculation on whether the new MacBook Pro was throttling performance under heat, Apple released a software fix to address the problem. Dieter’s review for the laptop (post software fix) published on Wednesday so Nilay, Paul, and Dieter discuss what happened with the product and how it performs.

Dieter also reviewed the new Lenovo Smart Display, so there’s a chunk of the show dedicated to that device, which exceeded expectations.

And we’ve got another week of Elon Musk. Transportation reporter Andrew Hawkins gives us an update in what has been happening in the world of Tesla, SpaceX, and the various endeavors of the unpredictable billionaire.

We’re going strong with our weekly interviews, and this week we have Brian Willard from Google to discuss the Data Transfer Project — Google’s initiative designed to transfer data from one service to another without downloading and re-uploading.

We also can’t forget the segment Paul does every week called “What is it like to be a dolphin?” so keep listening for that.

But you know, we’ve got a whole lot more in between that — so listen to it all and you’ll get it all.

02:30 – Apple MacBook Pro review (2018, 15-inch): the heat is on

22:01 – This week in Elon Musk with Andrew Hawkins

26:53 – Lenovo Smart Display review

35:44 – Data Transfer Project with Brian Willard of Google

59:46 – Paul’s weekly segment “What is it like to be a dolphin?”

1:02:30 – Amazon’s Alexa Cast makes it simpler to play music from your phone on Echo speakers

1:10:00 – Facebook growth slows in aftermath of privacy scandals

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