LG’s Stylo 4 is one of the few phones you can get with a built-in stylus, and now the phone has arrived on Amazon as a Prime Exclusive, bringing the price down from $300 to $250.

The Stylo 4 has a large 6.2-inch display with a resolution just above 1080p, and it includes a slot on the bottom right corner of the phone for storing its stylus. When you pull the stylus out, you can immediately start writing on the screen of the phone — even when the screen is off — to start taking notes. If you pull the stylus out while the phone is unlocked, options will pop up for you to start taking notes, launch a specific app, or select a portion of the screen to record a GIF.

called the Q Stylus in early June, which was nearly the same thing as this phone, but it wasn’t made available to buy. A month later, in early July, the Stylo 4 started launching on T-Mobile and prepaid carriers like MetroPCS and Cricket. You can actually get the phone for cheaper in some cases if you buy it locked to a prepaid carrier, though MetroPCS also shaves the price even lower by reducing the amount of RAM.

As with other Prime Exclusive phones, the discount comes at the cost of preinstalled, non-removable Amazon apps on the phone, like Audible and Alexa. These aren’t a bad trade-off for a $50 discount, especially on a phone with enough storage to spare and where a low price is a key feature.


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