Samsung announced today at its Unpacked 2018 event that its new Galaxy Note 9 will arrive with Bixby 2.0. It will be Samsung’s first smartphone device that will have an upgraded version of Bixby out of the box, which the company says will be better at processing natural language, predicting user needs, and offering quicker response times.

Samsung demoed some of Bixby’s new skills onstage, showing that it’s now possible to have more natural conversations with it. If, for example, you asked Bixby about what concerts are happening in Brooklyn over Labor Day weekend, you could then follow up with another question like “What about the first weekend in October?” without requalifying the context. This is the same sort of functionality that was announced for Amazon’s Alexa earlier this year.

Bixby should now be more in tune with recommending things based on your individual preferences. If you ask Bixby for a new restaurant to go to, it will show you options based on the type of places you’ve made reservations at in the past. So, if you tend to prefer French restaurants, it should deliver those options first. Then, when making the reservation, Bixby will autofill in fields like time and number of people in your party also based on how you’ve made decisions in the past. The update will also allow users to call Uber rides or browse nearby events. All of this, according to Samsung, is meant to make Bixby a more personal experience.

wasn’t really useful in comparison to other assistants, it initially came with sexist descriptor tags for different speaking styles, and it was so easy to accidentally trigger that Samsung eventually had to disable the dedicated Bixby button on its recent Galaxy devices.

While it’s unclear whether Bixby 2.0 will improve anything to the point of even coming close to Alexa or Google Assistant, these changes should hopefully make Bixby handier and less frustrating to use.


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